Top 20 Irish Albums 2015 + 20

2015 Top 20 Irish Albums1. Girl Band – Holding Hands With Jamie (Rough Trade)
2. Villagers – Darling Arithmetic (Domino)
3. Soak – Before We Got How To Dream (Rough Trade)
4. Girls Names – Arms Around A Vision (Tough Love Records)
5. The Mighty Stef – Year Of The Horse (Burning Sands)

6. Therapy – Disquiet (Amazing Record Company)
7. The Strypes – Little Victories (Virgin)
8. The Star Department – The Pee Green Boat (Self Released)
9. Lakker – Tundra (Self Released)
10. Ash – Kablammo! (Earmusic)

11. Shardborne – Living Bridges (Out On A Limb)
12. Iron Mountain – Unum (Self Released)
13. Glen Hansard – Didn’t He Ramble (Plateau)
14. Jape – This Chemical Sea (Faction Records)
15. Somadrone – Oracle (Self Released)

16. Amazing Apples – A Little Sense (Self Released)
17. And So I Watch You From Afar – Heirs (Sargent House)
18. Grounds For Invasion – Dying Stars (Self Released)
19. Ham SandwicH – Stories From The Surface (Route 109A Records)
20. Fight Like Apes – Fight Like Apes (Alcopop! Records)

And the next 20…
Not Squares – Bolts (Strange Brew)
Gavin Glass – Sunday Songs (Orphan Records)
Kopek – Rise (BMG Germany)
The North Sea – Anniversary (Self Released)

Mundy – Mundy (Camcor)
Hail The Ghost – Forsaken (Self Released)
Joe Furey u0026amp; The Hayride – 13 Hours (Lizzie Recordings)
I Am Niamh – Wonderland (Self Released)
Leo Drezden – Multi-Moment (Self Released)

Only Rivals – Life Is Perfect (So Recordings)
No Monster Club – People Are Weird (Popical Island u0026amp; Mirror Universe)
Codes – Aaltars (Self Released)
Oliver Cole – Year of The Bird (Third Bar Records)
Young Wonder – Birth (Feel Good Lost)

The Moves – Negative Space (Eire Supply)
The Drays – Look Away Down Collins Avenue (Indalio Audio)
Neon Atlas – Graffiti Reality (Self Released)
Pugwash – Play this Intimately (As If Among Friends) (Omnivore Recordings)
Paranoid Visions – Cryptic Cross Words (Overground Records)

Might Like these… not on Spotify..
Dr. Duloc – Bowl Cuts (Little L Records)
Skelocrats – Bella Bella (Popical Island)
The Citizens – Songs Of Absolution (Inside Out Records)