Top 20 Irish Albums 2013

1. My Bloody Valentine – M B V (self released)

2. Cat Dowling – The Believer
The Believer by Cat Dowling
3. God Is An Astronaut – Origins (Rocket Girl)
Origins by God Is An Astronaut
4. Girls Names – The New Life (Tough Love)

5. RSAG – Rotate (Independent release)
Rotate EP by RSAG
6. Dancing Suns – Goldmine (Self Released)
Nina Hynes and Fabien Leseure
7. Private Underground Residence – Dynamics of Idealism (Resettled Records)
8. Mojo Fury – The Difference between (Graphite)
9 Val Normal – Plans? What Plans? (Chew Your Own Fat)
10 Villagers – Awayland (Domino)

11 Nanu Nanu – Unit 1 (Flaming June Records)
12 Mineral – Plastic Ekphrastic (359 Music)
13 Jetplane Landing – Don’t Try (Smalltown America)
14. Theme Tuneboy – Return of The Living Dead (Self Released)
15 The Dudley Corporation – Everyone Does Everything Wrong (Scientific Laboratories Records)

16 The Rupture Dogs – Feral (Mountain Monster Records)
17 The Duckworth Lewis Method – Sticky Wickets (Divine Comedy Records)
18 Kill Krinkle Club – Oxen of the Sun (Tyshp Records)
19 The Last Sound – Rainbow Xplode (Oaska)
20 Enemies – Embark, Embrace (Heavyweight Records)

The Next Ten 21 – 30 (not in any order)
Thinkerrs – Black Dog (Self Released)
Ann Scott – Venus To The Sky (Raghorse Records)
Dermot Lambert – Tiny (Garage Records)
The Strypes – Snapshot (Virgin/EMI)
And So I Watch You From Afar – All Hail Bright Futures

Rams Pocket Radio – Béton (Smalltown America)
Imploded View – Anomaly Domine (Self Released)
The Hounds – Spacemad (Self Released)
Lie Ins – Death to Lie Ins (Popical Island
Sounds Of System Breakdown – Nomad (Self Released)

Next Ten Releases
Rest – I Hold The Wolf
The Pale – 21 Song Salute (1969 Records)
Glimmermen – I’m Dead (Transduction Records)
The Spikes – Joylist (Thickneck Records)
Dave Clarke – Hey You (Self Released)
The Answer – New Horizon
Solar Bears – Supermigration (Planet MU)
Bouts – Nothing Good Gets Away (Wonky Karousel)
Steve Ignorant u0026amp; Paranoid Visions – When…? (Overground)
Red Queen Contest – Red Queen Contest (Doldrums Records)

Other Releases in 2013
The Late David Turpin – We Belong Dead (Kabinet)
Neon Atlas – Absolute Magnitude (Self Released)
Swords – Lions u0026amp; Gold (Self Released)
Young Aviators – Self Help (Electric Honey)
Somadrone – The First Wave (Bodytonic Records)
Barry McCormack – Cut Throat Lane (Hag’s Head)
Lowmountain – DNA (Self Released)
Idiot Songs – Idiot Songs (Urchin Collective)
The Would Be’s – Beautiful Mess (FIFA Records)
Japanese Popstars – Disconnect/Reconnect (Bedrock Records)

Trucker Diablo – Songs of Iron (Ripple)
Halves – Boa Howl (Hate Is The Enemy)
Come On Live Long – Everything Fall (Self Released)
Las Vegas Basement – Cheap Guitars u0026amp; Pretty Girls (Las Vegas Basement)

Kowalski – For the Love of Letting Go (Self Released)
Von Shakes – Bohemia (Von Records LTD)
John Blek u0026amp; The Rats – Leave Your Love At The Door (Self Released)
Lisa O’ Neill – Same Cloth Or Not (Song Seeds Records)
Peter Delaney – Witch Bottle (Out On A Limb)
Chequerboard – The Unfolding (Self Released)