Gigs Spring/Summer 2014

Rough Calm Head Gig Photos 2014 001

Sat Feb 8 – Girl Band – Whelans
Noisy Experimental Dublin band. Creating new sounds with guitar blasts and general turbulence. Worth seeing.

Sun Mar 23 – Franz Ferdinand – Olympia
Surprisingly fresh and entertaining. Art Rock delivered in a precise, faultness style. Lively set.

Fri Apr 25 – John Power – Number 1
Intimate gig in my local pub. Plesant, Likeable and exquisite songs from an accomplished song writer. Listen to Walkaway, if you haven’t heard it already.

Tue May 6 – Shoenen Knife – Whelans
What a super fun night this was. Guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face. If you do catch shoenen knife, it’s sure to be one of the more enjoyable gigs you will see. The new album Overdrive is a tribute to 70s rock, and with a song about Japanese noodles, it’s not the most serious album in the world. But the punk and rock riffs win you over in the end. Top notch.

Sun May 11 – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Whelans
Jon Spencer prowled the stage throughout this gig. Had to use earplugs for the first time in quite a while (I was very close to the speakers).
Blue Xplosion, that’s what they are, at least he kept reminding everyone of this. It’s just mad punk infused blues that wanders all over the place throughout the show. Another amazing rock gig.

Thur May 15 – The Minutes – Danny Byrnes
What a great live act the minutes are. A powerful three piece, with terrific songs. Their new album, which they previewed material from tonight, sounds excellent. Highly recommended live act.