New Bugs RCH

New Bugs

Bands and Artists I’ve just discovered. They sound great on first listen. I just need to delve into them a bit more.
Lots of potential

Protomartyr – Melodic Intense Rock Riffs, Steady Tough and Unrelenting
Verma – Landscaped Guitars, Fuzzy Psych Rock. Psychedelic Krautrock.
White Reaper – Punk Rock Melodies, Raw and Thrashy Guitars
Bane – Full Blooded Punk Rock. Hardcore Thrashy Guitars

VLMA – Garage Punk Grunge 100% analog from a basement studio [Ellicot City, Maryland, USA]
Bluffing – Fuzzy Noisy Jangly Guitar Pop [Brooklyn, New York]
Happy Diving – Brash Fuzzy Noisy Slacker Rock direct from the garage
Purling Hiss – Lo-fi underground rock and post punk noise[Philadelphia PA]

Institute – 80s Sounding Regional Post Punk [Austin TX]
Priests – Garage Surf Punk, sneering and melodic [Washington DC]
Skating Polly – melodies, indie pop, growling punk [Oklahoma City, OK]

Octagrape – experimental garage noise rock [San Diego CA]
Dilly Dally – dream rock alternative rock grunge pop [Toronto, Ontario]
Dirty Dishes – experiemental shoegaze indie rock [Los Angeles, CA]
The Nuclear Family – garage noise punk rock [Sydney, Australia]

Melkbelly – Indie Noise Expertiments [Chicago IL]
Vomitface – Deep Dirt Rock 90s Riffs [New York]
Flesh World – Modern + Old School Punk Ethic [San Francisco CA]
Giggly Boys – Jagged Guitar Rock [New York]

Dead soft – Quirky Guitar Noise + Screechy Pop [Vancouver, BC Canada]
Team Genius – Guitar Punk Garage Party Pop [Brooklyn New York]
The Faint – Deep Electro Rock Pop Sounds [Omaha Nebraska]
Math The Band – Math Synth Shouty Pop/Rock + High Energy Electro Punk [Westford, Massachusetts]

Sea of Bees – Female Indie Folk Rock with Guitar Experiments. Cool Sound [Sacramento, CA]
El Perro Del Mar – Soothing Restrained Simmering Pop [Gothenburg, Sweden]