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NerveMixes 19 Dec 14

These are bands and tracks I like at the moment…

Protomartyr – Verma – White Reaper – Bane

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nervemixes 19 Dec 14

Under Color of Official Right
Track: Come and See

Epic Song Constructions. Melodic Intense Rock Riffs.
Cold Solemn Punk, Steady Tough and Unrelenting

Verma [Chicago]
Track: Ragnaraak

Landscaped Guitars, Fuzzy Psych Rock.
Psychedelic Krautrock

White Reaper – WHITE REAPER
Track: Cool

Punk Rock Melodies
Raw and Thrashy Guitars, Just Like Honey

Bane [Worcester MA]
Track: The Young And The Restless

Full Blooded Punk Rock
Hardcore Thrashy Guitars