Top 40 Irish Albums 2014

Roughcalmhead Top 40 Irish Albums 2014 x 10This is my Top 40 Irish Albums of 2014.
To listen, check my Spotify Playlist – Top 40 Irish Albums 2014

Spotify Playlist - Top 40 Irish Albums 2014

1 The MinutesLive Well, Change Often (Model Citizen)
2 We Cut CornersThink Nothing (Delphi)
3 Gemma HayesBones u0026amp; Longing (Chasing Dragons)
4 Rebecca CollinsSolar (Mutineer Music)
5 The Riptide MovementGetting Through (Universal)

6 Damien RiceMy Favourite Faded Fantasy (Warner Music)
7 New Secret Weapon New Secret Weapon (Self Released)
8 Peter DoranOutlines
9 Buffalo SunnBy The Ocean By The Sea (Reekus Records)
10 Stiff Little FingersNo Going Back

11 The Revellions – Give It Time (Dirty Water Records)
12 Crow Black Chicken – Rumble Shake (Self Released)
13 Delorentos – Night Becomes Light (Universal Ireland)
14 September Girls – Cursing The Sea (Fortuna POP!)
15 Youth Mass – Morning Run | Evening Sun (Pickled Onion Records)

16 Kormac – Doorsteps (Bodytonic)
17 U2 – Songs of Innocence (Island)
18 Sea Pinks – Dreaming Tracks
19 Barry Warner – No Nostalgia (Independent)
20 Ballet School – The Dew Lasts An Hour (Bella Union)

21 I Heart The Monster Hero–Rhythm u0026amp; Pals
22 Mick Flannery – By The Rule (Universal)
23 Sleep Thieves – You Want The Night
24 Sinead O’ Connor – I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss (Nettwerk)
25 Alien Envoy – Loads (Self Possessed)

26 Adebisi Shank – This Is TheThirdAlbum Of A Band Called AdebisiShank (SargentHouse)
27 Caoimhin O’ Raghallaigh – Music for an Elliptical
28 Ben Glover – Atlantic (Carpe Vita Creative)
29 Preachers Son – 10 Stories Tall (Self Released)
30 Shit Robot – We Got A Love (DFA)

31 Imelda May – Tribal (Universal)
32 The Gloaming – The Gloaming (Real World)
33 Pearse Halpin – The Trick To Living (AGR-TV Records)
34 Adrian Crowley – Some Blue Morning (Chemikal Underground)
35 Raglans – Raglans (Independent Records LTD)

36 CPNHGN–Inhale Exhale (Self Released)
37 Paddy Hanna – Leafy Stiletto (Popical Island)
38 Wonder Villains – Rocky (No Dancing Records)
39 Lethal Dialect – 1988 (Self Released)
40 Zack Boone – Somewhere Beyond (independent)

Next 10 Albums
House Of Cosy Cushions – Spell (Outcast Cats)
Little Matador – Little Matador (Fiction)
Malojian – The Deer’s Cry (Twenty30)
Dahi Jim and the Adelaide Band – Shine (Independent)
2:54 – The Other I (Bella Union)
A Lazarus Soul – Last of The Analogue Age (Intent To Supply Records)
Printer Clips – Printer Clips (Bone China Records)
Eamon Dowd –Down A Hundred Crooked Roads (Spellbound Records)
Groom – Bread And Jam (Popical Island)
Auxiliary Phoenix – Beats, Tape-01

Next 10 Albums
Kodakid – Kodakid (Independent Release)
The Matinée Idles – A Festival of Colours (4 Cats the Bird u0026amp; the Baby)
Jennifer Evans – Works From the Dip and Foul (Delphi)
Storyfold – It’s Later Than You Think (Self Release)
Chris Haze – World Outside (Self Released)
James Vincent McMorrow – Post Tropical (Faction Records)
DFF – Pouric Songs (Frisbee Records)
Fox Jaw – Ghost’s Parade (Self Released)
KRB – Divisadero (Independent Release)
James O’ Connor – Behind The Scenes (Self Released)

2014 Irish Albums [and the rest…]

Morrissey u0026amp; Marshall – And So It Began (IRL)
John Feeley – The Immigrant’s Song (Overture Music)
Godknows + MynameisjOhn – Rusangano Family
VerseChorusVerse – VerseChorusVerse (Third Bar)
The Hot Sprockets – Brother Nature (Cherrypopper Records)
Louise Mulcahy – Tuning the Road (Cló Iar-Chonnachta)
Caitriona O’Leary (and Dulra) – Sleepsongs (Heresy Records)
Cold Comfort – Tainted Winds
Martin Mackdee – The Right To Forget (Own Label)
Michael McCague – The Waylaid Man (Own Label)
Kevin Nolan – Fredrick u0026amp; The Golden Dawn (Eire Supply)
Marc O’Reilly – Human Herdings
Rackhouse Pilfer – Love and Havoc (Independent Release)
The Revelator Orchestra – The Brotherhood of the Flood (Devil-Elvis)
Enda Reilly – Amhráin Nua i nGaeilge (New Songs in Irish) (EndaDeRoad Records)
Hozier – Hozier (Rubyworks/Universal)
Funzo – The Great Lonesome (Self Released)
Fiodhna Gardiner – Air Time (Own Label)
Wallis Bird – Architect (Bird Records)
All The Luck In The World – All the Luck in the World (Barfilm Records/Haldern Pop)
Blood or Whiskey – Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil (Bow Records)
DeafJoe–From The Heights Of A Dream (Delphi)
Goitse – Tall Tales and Misadventures (Own Label)
Stuart Wilde – Devil In My House (Independent Release)
Barry Tierney – Hotel Alamar (Linden Arden Records)
The Young Folk – The Little Battle
Danny Diamond – Fiddle Music (Own Label)
Pete Cummins – Crooked Highway (Sidekick Records)

Julie Byrne — Rooms With Walls and Windows (not irish)
Adrian Mannering – Another Day
The Niall McCabe Band – Part Of The Light (Self Released)
Sean Leahy u0026amp; Jeremy Spencer – Entanglement (Own Label)
Machna – An Téid Thu Leam? (Own Label)
Jackie Daly and Matt Cranitch – ROLLING ON (Own Label)
The Henry Girls – Louder Than Words (BU Records)
Daithi – In Flight (Sony)
Aidan and The Astronauts – Young But Growing (Own Label)
Eugene Donegan – Sail Against The Wind (Freaky Tree Records)
In The Willows – Before Everybody Disappears
Robyn G Shiels – The Blood of The Innocents (No Dancing Records)
Donal Clancy – Songs of a Roving Blade (Own Label)
Elaine Cormican – Cluain Amhran/Meadow Of Song (Own Label)

Peter Carberry u0026amp; Padraig McGovern – Forgotten Gems (Own Label)
Craobh Rua – I’d Understand You If I knew What You Meant (Own Label)
Clare O’ Riordan – Shelter (Independent)
I Draw Slow – White Wave Chapel (I Draw Slow)
Join Me In The Pines – Inherit (Decal Records)
dREA – Bravest Of All (S/H Records)
The Calvinists – King Of Lies (Self Released)
Cran – b.
Paul Creane and The Changing band – The Clock
Keith Hanley – Hush (Universal)
The Alan Kelly Gang – The Last Bell (Black Box Music)
Bap Kennedy – Let’s Start Again (Proper)
Carol Keogh – Mongrel City (Independent Release)
The Lost Brothers – New Songs Of Dawn and Dust (Lojinx)
Nicole Maguire – What You Really Mean (IRL)
Tupelo – Push On (Crashed Records)
Tim Wheeler – Lost Domain (Sony Red)
Mick Foster u0026amp; Friends – The Crooked Road (Own Label)

Paul Byrne – Cruel u0026amp; Tender Ways (I-NV-U Records)
Brendan McCahey – To Where I Begin (Universal Ireland)
Friends of Emmet – State of Mind (Independent Release)
Rhob Cunningham – The Window and Day/Mister Moon Tuesdays (Self Released)
Aisling – Hold My Dream (De Angelis)
Karan Casey – Two More Hours (Own Label)
Ken Cotter – Anatomy Of A Goddess (IND)
The Coronas – The Long Way (Universal)
No Crows – Waiting For The Tide (Crows Records)
The Script – No Sound Without Silence (Sony)
Cara Dillon – A Thousand Hearts (Sony)
Eleanor McEVoy – Stuff (Moscodisc)
Matt McGinn – Latter Day Sinner (Independent)

Big September – Ballroom Addicts (Independent Release)
Jennifer Clarke – Perfectly Imperfect (JMC Music)
Chris Corrigan – The Crooked Mountain Road/The Shadowed Gateway (Own Label)
Phil Coulter – Echoes Of Home (The Most Glorious Celtic Melodies) (Shanachie)
Lynched – Cold Old Fire (POTV)
Sharon Corr – The Same Son (Bobby Jean Musiv)

Fia Rua – The Sky Went Low And The Sea Went High (Urchin)