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Rock Music – yes?

Rock Music 001Another blog. Another view.
This blog is about Music, Rock Music.  In its broadest sense.
It is not limited.

It is about music I like.
I will try and describe the music I listen to.
But it is about rock, not pop.

To be clear, I’ve added some definitions of both below.

Black Window

Rock Music
A genre of popular music originating in the 1950s;
A blend of black rhythm-and-blues with white country-and-western
Music with a heavy focus on guitar, bass, drums, and powerful vocals.

These definitions are too old for me. They are from the past.
Rock Music is about rebellion. It challenges normality. It demands your attention. It is sexual. It  will not be in the background. It will confront you. It will free your mind. It will drive you forward. It connects people.

Pop Music
Popular Music and Pop Music are different.,
Popular Music is music that is popular and can include any style
Pop Music is a specific genre and appeals to the masses.

This needs updating too.
Is pop about appealing to the masses? Is it about making money?
Pop Music is about conforming. It is safe. It is a style.
It is sexual. It is a business. It does not challenge. It is socially acceptable.

I will have to try and come up with a definition of Rock and Pop that works for me. In time.

What appeals to me – Pop or Rock?

I have to move beyond these 2 terms.
They really do not describe my taste in music.
They are completely useless to me. Too narrow.
I will try, at some stage, to define my taste in music.
But for the moment, I will just comment here on what music I like.
If you read this regularly, you will find out what music engages me.
What I connect with.
And, hopefully, it will help you in some way find the music you like too.

Jack Crossan