Top 20 Irish Albums 2016 + 20

Top 20 Irish Albums 2016 Album Art
  1. Kid Karate – Kid Karate
  2. Bleeding Heart Pigeons – IS
  3. Cronin – The First Kiss Of Love
  4. Megacone – Absolute Magnitude
  5. Slomatics – Future Echo Returns
  6. Documenta – Drone Pop #1
  7. Katie Kim – Salt
  8. Exmagician – Scan The Blue
  9. Bantum – Move
  10. Windings – Be Honest And Fear Not
  11. Rusangano Family – Let The Dead Bury The Dead
  12. Count Vaseline – Yo No Soy Marinero
  13. Bailer – Shaped by the Landscape
  14. King Kong Company – King Kong Company
  15. The Riptide Movement – Ghosts
  16. The Altered Hours – In Heat Not Sorry
  17. Selk – Beasts
  18. Van Morrison – Keep Me Singing
  19. Mick Flannery – I Own You
  20. August Wells – Madness Is The Mercy

The Next 20 albums
Propeller Palms – Old Dog New Tricks
Sons of Southern Ulster – Foundry Folk Songs
Funeral Suits – Islands Apart
September Girls – Age of Indignation
Protobaby – Cosmic Heart

Solar Bears – Advancement
So Cow – Lisa Marie Airplane Tour
Pleasure Beach – Dreamer to the Dawn
Exploding Eyes – Exploding Eyes
The Answer – Solas

Oh Boland – Spilt Milk
MINDRIOTmt – Brothers
Making Monsters – Bad Blood
The Bonnevilles – Arrow Pierce My Heart
Fuzzy Hell – Hex Songs

James Vincent McMorrow – We Move
Jinx Lennon – Magic Bullets Of Madness To Uplift The Grey Magnets / Past Pupil Stay Sane
The Divine Comedy – Foreverland
Zombie Picnic – A Suburb Of Earth
Malthusian – Below the Hengiform

Bry – Bry
Cult Called Man – Cult Fiction
Exiles – Red Lights
BP Fallon – Hot Tongue

The Frank And Walters – Songs For The Walking Wounded
Ports – The Devil is a Songbird
Overhead, The Albatross – Learning To Growl
No Monster Club – I Feel Magic
Swords – Tidal Waves

Magic Pockets – Volcano of the Bleeding Skies
Enemies – Valuables
Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow
Mongrel State – Mestizo
The Gloaming – 2

Ryan Vail – For Every Silence
Sea Pinks – Soft Days
Red Empire – Inhale
WIFE – Standard Nature
The Urges – Time Will Pass

Not really for me, but check them out…

We Cut Corners – The Cadence Of Others
Wastefellow – Amazed A-Maze
Mmoths – Luneworks
The New 52 – Let Me Sleep
Track Dogs – Serenity Sessions
The Shoos – The Shoos
Roisin Murphy – Take Her Up To Monto
Declan O’ Rourke – In Full Colour

Didn’t get a chance to listen to these (not on spotify)

Hope is Noise – Demons
J Cowhie – Veil
Plutonic Dust – Grand Delusions
Stano – In Between Silence Where We Really Exist
The Grunts – Cult Before Country


Aborist – Home Burial
All Tvvins – IIVV
Axecatcher – Common Blood
Bell X1 – Arms
Booka Brass – Chilled Milk
Bronagh Gallagher – Gather Your Greatness
CC Brez – The Nightfall
Cathy Davey – New Forest
Changing Gears – Communicate
Christy Moore – Lily (Sony)
Ciaran Lavery – Let Bad In
dBize – Storm Party
Everything Shook – Drinking About You
Exit: Pursued By A Bear – Exit Pursued By A Bear
Grouse – Oslo
Heroes In Hiding – Curtains
Hotel On Mars – Don’t Feel Like Daylight
I Have A Tribe – Beneath A Yellow Moon
Ilenkus – Hunger
Irontown Diehards – Irontown Diehards
Jealous of the Birds – Parma Violets
John Blek – Cut the Light
Kern – False Deceiver
Lisa Hannigan – At Swim
Luka Bloom – Frugalisto
Malojian – This Is Nowhere
Mary and the Pigeons – Into Air
Nocturnes – The Soft Animal
Patsy Moloney – The Temple in the Glen
Oddsocks – The Sound Of The City
Sky, Horse and Death – Music For Karla Turner
Slow Motion Heroes – Hinterland
TUSKS – Embers
The Hydes – Green And Blue
The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock – Bullet in the Brick

Didn’t get a chance to check these out.. just too many albums…

Barry Kinane – The Hills Above The Valley
Barry McCormack – The Tilt of The Earth
Best Boy Grip – Best Boy Grip
Cian Nugent – Night Fiction
Circuit3 – Siliconchipsuperstar
Cobra Truth – Mindfulmess
Dott – Beverly Baldwin
Ensemble Éiru – Imbas
Eric Bell – Exile
Fullset – Notes Between The Lines
Hedfuzy – Hedfuzy
Jack O’ Rourke – Dreamcatcher
Little Green Cars – Ephemera
New Road – Stone Walls u0026amp; Street Lights
Skinner – Skinner
Starters – A Picture Fading
Stop The Wheel – Basta
The Host – Esalen Lectures
This Side Up – Full Fat
Walking On Cars – Everything This Way
Wallis Bird – Home
Yawning Chasm – Skylights
Zlatanera – Legerdemain

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