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NerveMixes 29 Nov 2014

These are bands and tracks I like at the moment…

VLMA – Bluffing – Happy Diving – Purling Hiss

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Nervemixes 29 11 14 Art - VLMA + Bluffing + Happy Diving + Purling Hiss

Grinding blaring garage punk. Fresh surf soaked garage rock

Thumping fuzz ball of pop, guitar laden with jangles and pounding drums and dreamy vox. The epitome of noisy indie pop
Sugar Coated Pills of Wisdom by BLUFFING

Happy Diving
Powerful rock assault of raw guitars. Walls of noise layered songs with lots of rock riffing.
Big World by Happy Diving

Purling Hiss
Lo-fi underground guitar country rock with post punk screeches and noise
Public Service Announcement by Purling Hiss