New Stuff just added..

NerveMixes – This is a new section.
It’s just some streams of songs I’m diggin this week…enjoy!
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NerveMixes 10 Oct 2014 - Melkbelly - Giggly Boys - VomitFace - Sea of Bees + Kid Karate - JP13 - Chirps - The Minutes

Artists I Like. Irish Artists have their own page.
Bang On Fire – Artists I really like and will definitely be adding their music to my collection.
Watchlist – Artists I need to check out more. I’ll probably like their stuff. Just not sure yet. [Irish]
New Bugs – Artists I’ve just discovered. They sound great on first listen. I just need to delve into them a bit more. [Irish]
NerveMixes – Streams from new artists. Updated weekly, hopefully.[Irish]