Top 20 Irish Albums 2012

Spotify Playlist - Top 20 Irish Albums of 2012

Irish Albums Top 20 2012
1. Bats – The Sleep of Reason (Richter Collective)
2. Windings – I Am Not The Crow (Out on A Limb)
3. Jogging – Take Courage (Out on A Limb)
4. Rural Savage – I Fell In The Bog And Saw God (Self Released)
5. The Cast of Cheers – Family (Schoolboy Error)

6. Croupier – Croupier (Eleven Eleven)
7. Logikparty – Oh Cult (White Plague Records)
8. Therapy – A Brief Crack of Light (Blast Records)
9. The Walls – Stop The Lights (Dirtbird Records)
10. Sunken Foal – Friday Syndrome Vol. 1 (Countersunk)

11. Peter Doran – Overheard The Stars (Self Released)
12. Dark Room Notes – Dark Room Notes (BBE)
13. Grand Pocket Orchestra – Ronald and Sylma (Popical Island)
14. Cheap Freaks – Bury Them All (Big Neck Records)
15. Last Days of 1984 – Wake up to the Waves (Osaka)

16. Bantum – Legion (Self Released)
17. Pierce Turner – Songs For A Very Small Orchestra (Self Released)
18. Crow Black Chicken – Electric Soup (Self Released)
19. The Frank And Walters – Greenwich Meantime (FIFA)
20. Valentino is Dead – Misadventures in Punk Rock (Ireland Records)

Jack Crossan

Jan 2013

Wolfwrangler by BATS

Creo Beast by Croupier

Cave Pain Things by Logikparty

Thief by Peter Doran

Roll Pt. II feat. Eimear O’Donovan u0026amp; Owensie by Bantum

Next 10 albums

Time Is A Thief – We’re Not Strangers (Self Released)
Funeral Suits – Lily of The Valley (Model Citizen)
Glen Hansard – Rhythm u0026amp; Repose (Plateau)
Autumn Owls – Between Buildings, Toward The Sea (
Paranoid Visions – Escape From The Austerity Complex (Overground Records)

Adrian Crowley – I See Three Bird Flying (Chemikal Underground)
Luka Bloom – This New Morning (Bigsky Records)
No Monster Club – Dublin (CF Records)
Solar Taxi – Broken Brother’s Secret Bells (Self Released)
Owensie – Citizens (Out On A Limb)

Our Game by Time Is A Thief